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M.P. Rathinaswamy

A born agriculturist, who believes there is nothing greater than God and nature. Agriculture is the backbone of our nation. Hence, along with our trust and under the guidance of our chairman and the support of the staff and management; he strides to make our students work and understand about nature and horticulture and moulds them to be a great horticulturist and a great human being.

A man with more than five decades of management experience, with the support and guidance of the RVS Trust, works tirelessly to nurture and guide young souls to achieve their dreams and goals. Parents make many sacrifices for the future of their children, as a parent himself; he understands their sacrifices and works to not only inculcate the values of our trust but also the values and ethics of humanity amongst the students. He believes, our institution is like a gurukula, not just an academic institution but also a home away from home.