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Crop protection

Crop protection is one of major departments in both Horticulture and Agriculture and was established in 2014. Crop protection deals with Entomological,Pathological and nematological aspects of horticultural crops. Entomology department deals with the incidence of pest occurrence in horticulture crops. Detailed explanation on damage symptoms,pest responsible,its characteristics and the methodology to control through physical,chemical or biological means are made. Students are exposed practically by visiting to various horticulture crops present inside campus and through outdoor classes. Entomology laboratory is developed with well-equipped instruments and teaching aids. Hands on training are provided to students on bee keeping,sericulture,Integrated Pest Management and host plant resistance.

Courses offered

Course No Course title Credit hours
AEN 201 Fundamentals of Entomology 2+1
SER 201 Sericulture technologies 1+1
AEN 202 Economic Entomology and Principles of their Insect Pest Management 2+1
AEN 302 Pest of Horticulture crops and their management 1+1
AEN 311 Pests management inĀ  Horticulture Production Systems 2+1
HNM 311 Nematode management of Horticulture crops 1+1
EXP 301 Commercial production of bio-control agents 0+5
EXP 401 Commercial Bee keeping 0+3
Plant diseases deals with understanding of how plant pathogens affect the crop.Students enrolled in our courses receive a holistic perspective on biological and ecological aspects of plant disease and the role of plant diseases in plant production.The department focuses on
  • Biology and management of diseases of fruit crops,vegetable crops,Floriculture and landscape gardening,spices,plantation and medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Biology, ecology,epidemiology,and management of pathogens
  • Plant disease diagnosis
  • Extension and outreach to growers and the agricultural industry
Courses offered

Course No Course title Credit hours
PAT 201 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology 2 + 1
EXP 301 Experiential Learning 0 + 5
PAT 411 Diseases of Horticultural Crops and their Management 2 + 1