Physical Education and Yoga

Physical Education and Yoga

Interest and awareness in fitness and health has continued to grow and it’s a must to be physically and mentally at the best. Physical director provides various trainings to optimize exercise,physical activity,and lifestyle management for all people. A goal of wellness remains in mind to help all individuals to achieve an optimal level of health,well-being,and human performance through fitness and healthy living. Offered for undergraduates through the University,the Wellness specialization prepares students for entry level positions in closely supervised health-fitness programs within education and industry. RVS College has developed infrastructures to train up the undergraduate students for their well-being and physical fitness. The undergraduate students are provided with yoga training at fortnight intervals and aerobic exercises at regular intervals. Regular physical fitness through various games/sports is provided for undergraduate students.

Sports equipment including cricket bat, football, badminton racket, ball badminton racket, volley ball, chess boards, javelin pole spear, discus and shotput ball are provided. The college has the following provisions.

  • Play ground with 200 meter track with 6 lanes
  • Football field
  • Basketball court (concrete)
  • volleyball court
  • Lawn tennis court
  • Badminton court
  • Kho-Kho court
  • Ball badminton court

Courses offered

Course No Course title Credit hours
PED 101 Physical Education 0+1
PED 102 Yoga for Human Excellence 0+1