Seed Science and Technology

Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Seed science department was established in the year 2014. Seed is the basic and most critical input and is considered to be the cheapest and most crucial component compared to other inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, water etc. The Department of Seed Science and Technology (SST) has been entrusted with responsibilities of undertaking teaching, research and extension activities in various aspects of Seed Science and Technology. The department has ample facilities to provide teaching and research in seed science aspects. The various instruments available in the department are Boemer divider, Gamet divider, Soil type divider, Illuminated Purity work board and Triers.

Courses offered

Course No Course title Credit hours
SST 211 Principles of Seed Production and Quality control in Horticultural Crops 1+1
SST 212 Seed Production Technology of Horticultural Crops 1+1