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Horticultural faculty was established in the year 2013 with farm of 160 acres. The faculty concentrates on the production technologies of fruit crops, vegetable crops, Floriculture and landscape gardening, spices, plantation and medicinal and aromatic plants.
Mango (Bangnapalli, Imam Prasad, Alphonso, Senthuram, Mallika, ArkaAruna,Kalepad, Neelum and Bangalora) varieties are grown in Ultra high density planting with a spacing of 3×2 m. Guava is exclusively grown in0.5 acres in3x1.5 m. Sapotaplants (PKM 1, PKM2, PKM 3, PKM4, PKM 5, Co1 and Co2) in spacing of 4×4 m. Aonla (8 verities) plant 4×4 m, sweet orange at 4×4 m, acid lime(PKM 1 and Vikram)@ 4×4 m, Pomergranate and custard apple block is being maintained. Exclusive banana genome collection is being maintained with Grand Naine, Monthan, Virupatchi, Karpooravalli, Rasthali, Red banana and Poovan. Temperate fruit crops including Apple, Pear, Plum, Rambutan, Litchi and Avocado are recent introductions.
A separate crop cafeteria is being maintained for cultivation of vegetable crops including Brinjal, Bhendi, Tomato, Pumpkin, Cabbage, Cucumber, Bitter Gourd, Snake Gourd, Onion and Moringa. Grafted Brinjal is also cultivated exclusively. Kitchen garden is being maintained.
Landscape gardening is being carried out around the campus with grasses and ornamental plants. Grass varieties such as “Augustinegrass”, Chain grass, Mexican Grass are being maintained as lawn. Ornamental crops including “Haemeliapatens”,”Tecoma” sp, “Wedalia, Arakucaria cookie, Thujaorientalis, ferns, bougainnvillea, Hibiscus rosasinensis, butterfly palm, Areca palm “and “fishtail palm” are being maintained. Flower Crops such as Tuberose, Chrysanthemum, Rose,”Jasminum” spp and Nerium also introduced.
Medicinal plants is being maintained with crops like Aloe,Isabgol,MuyalKadhu,Zimmu,Turmeric,Vallarai,Karisalakanni,Lemon grass, Vettiver, Nannari, Lemon tulasi, Mudkathan, Coleus, Cissus (square, flat and round),Kalmegh,Datura, “Nagamalli”, “Chitrathai”, “Thudhuvalai”, Long pepper, Kesavavaridhini and “Neermuli”. Spices such as pepper, clove, cinnamon, coffee, saffron and nutmeg are also introduced. The college has a total of 9000 coconut trees. For protected cultivation and rapid propagation polyhousesare established.
Courses offered
Course No
Course title
Credit hours
FSC 101
Fundamentals of Horticulture
VSC 101
Botany of Horticultural crops
1 + 1
FSC 102
Propagation of Horticultural Crops
2 + 1
FSC 103
Production Technology of Tropical and Arid Zone Fruit Crops
VSC 102
Production Technology of Tropical Vegetable Crops
VSC 201
Production Technology of Temperate
FSC 201
Production Technology of Sub Tropical and Temperate Fruits Crops
PSM 201
Production Technology of Spices and Plantation Crops
FLG 307
Protected and Precision Horticulture
FLG 301
Production Technology of Commercial Flower crops
PSM 301
Production Technology of Medicinal and Aromatic crops
VSC 301
Practical Crop Production
FLG 302
Ornamental Gardening,Landscaping and Turf Management
PSM 401
Internship in Plantation and Hill Horticultural Crops
HOR 401
Rural Horticultural Work Experience – RHWE (60+10+10+10 days)
FSC 401
Post-Harvest Handling of Horticultural Produces