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Plant Breeding and Genetics

Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics is being developed since 2016. The department is established with ample facilities for handling Undergraduate classes. Undergraduates in Plant Breeding and Genetics learn the application of genetics to improve cultivated plants, including varieties of agronomic, vegetable, horticultural and ornamental crops.
Students are taught in lectures and laboratories by experienced researchers in gene mapping, varietal development and numerous other topics within the field. An crop cafeteria exhibition of major field crops consisting Cereals, millets and pulses to enhance and enrich the knowledge of the students has been developed.

Courses offered

Course No
Course title
Credit hours
PBG 102
Principles of Genetics and Cytogenetics
2 + 1
PBG 301
Principles and methods of Plant Breeding
VSC 302
Breeding of Horticultural Crops
2 + 1